My 4 Year Old Daughter Wants Her Mom & Dad to Get Married Again

First off, let’s start by saying “Not going to happen”. My ex-wife and I have both said “Why did I get married” and agreed that we are way better friends than partners. We are more than just cordial (get your mind out of the gutter) and work very well to do what’s right for our precious little girl. However, getting answers isn’t always easy and “agreeing to disagree” isn’t always the best solution to a problem that needs solving.

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Bullied & Exposed at C H Decker Elementary

Until now, I trusted and believed in the schools to protect my kids from bullies. They tell you how serious they are about bully prevention and the active measures they take to ensure the safety of every child at their school. It’s all bullsh*t though. All they do is take reports and punish victims because they’re too lazy to conduct a real investigation. To families, bullying is a serious problem. To schools, bullying is nothing more than a political agenda to pad resumes when the time is convenient.

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