10 Straightforward and Amazing Tips for New Dads

new dad tips
Written by Michael Bonner

Until my first son was born, I never knew what my purpose was in life. When I became a new dad, however, everything I did from that moment forward was intended to be the best dad ever. To give my kids the best lives possible.

I F*CKED that up BIG TIME!

You can read all the books and parenting manuals that you want but the fastest way to becoming a great father is to learn from the mistakes and experience of others. Here are


  1. Start hitting yourself in the balls right now. Build up a tolerance or your child will do it for you. They are literal nut magnets and will hit, run into and step on them whenever they see an opening.
  2. DO NOT make your home dead silent when your child is asleep. Do your normal routines at normal noise levels so that your child doesn’t wake up so easily and you don’t have to work around the house on tiptoes and eggshells.
  3. Wipe front to back whenever you change your baby’s diapers. Every single time. No exceptions. And if you need a better explanation than common sense, wipe yourself from back to front a couple times and see what happens (or doesn’t happen) with your sex life from now on.
  4. Get in shape quickly. Your child, the diaper bag, your wife’s depression (kidding). It all gets harder to carry over time and you’ll be chasing your kid around all day, everyday in no time.
  5. Having kids isn’t the end of your life. Just the opposite. Don’t quit your hobbies and don’t sacrifice EVERYTHING you love. Yes, you’re a new dad. But if you can’t enjoy life, how is your family suppose to enjoy being around you?
  6. If your hygiene suffers, you’re constantly tired, irritated and/or depressed sometimes, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re doing it right. Breathe. Take life 1 day at a time. The first month is rough but I promise, it gets easier. Try to focus and appreciate the fact that you’re a new dad instead (it has to sink in at some point).
  7. Don’t forget to be a good husband while learning to be a good father. Be supportive. She’s going through a lot more than you ever will and the last thing she needs is to hear you complain about baby vomit and being pissed on. I actually laughed when I got pissed on.
  8. Take lots of pictures and videos. Trust me, you can never have too many and can’t get them back if you never take them.
  9. GET REST whenever possible. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Schedule night shifts with mom. Power nap the crap out of every bit of free time imaginable. You will never get enough so enjoy it while you can.
  10. Spend as much time as you can with your kids and lead by example. They grow up so fast. Teach them. Build good habits early and have fun. Don’t wait to regret the quality time you never had with them.

If you’re reading this as a new dad, congratulations and good luck (kidding, kinda). For the rest of you fathers who have already learned and are still learning through trial and error, do us all a favor and help out as many new dads as possible.


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Michael Bonner

Michael Bonner is a dedicated father to 3 amazing kids. Born and raised in San Diego, California, he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Determined to win a "Dad of the Year" award from just about anywhere, Michael spends most of his time working, learning and trying to be a positive example for his children...again, he's trying.

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