Japanese Artist turns Product Packaging into Fine Arts

Written by Michael Bonner

Part of my drive to be the best dad possible is to find and share inspirations that constantly remind me of what can be accomplished in life.

How this Japanese artist, named Haruki, was able to create the following work of fine arts out of ordinary, everyday packaging products is beyond me.

1. The Pringle Can Man. Fantastic attention to detail. He even has shoe laces!

from product packaging to a work of fine arts.
All photos via Imgur.

2. The Pringle Can Man and Family

4. Who knew candy could actually help you lose weight? Even if I knew what a Milky Chocolate bar was, I don’t think I would have recognized it in this sculpture.

5. Toppo Chocolate? I think that’s what it says. The other word definitely spells Lotte though. Like “Came-Lotte”? Great Castle!

6. The Blimp Pirate Ship. Reminds of the movie “Stardust”.

7. All aboard the Nestle Coffee Express…

8. Nepia gets the ultimate “SEAL of approval” with this simple masterpiece. Cheesy, I know, couldn’t help it.

9. From jasmine tea to the cocoa church of meiji.

10. (Music Plays)…”Oh, oh, oh, where’s that jet made of Oreo cookies?”

11. This knight made out of an almond chocolate bar is probably my favorite. It looks like it’s made of real metal but, the horse is a unicorn? Still, amazing work of art.

12. Haruki combined these packaging products and turned them into an instant classic.

13. And last but certainly not least, I call this one the chocolate transformer. Ready to take over the world.

For the record, all of the names for each work of fine arts were made up by me. I don’t know what any of them are actually called but all of them are amazing.

Which one is your favorite? What else motivates and inspires you to succeed in life?

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