Man requests Uber X from Del Taco and then does this

Written by Michael Bonner

Driving around for Uber and now Lyft, I’ve come across some pretty interesting stories to tell. Some have made me smile and laugh. Some have made me angry. My 3 years as a rideshare driver have been a roller coaster of amazing, frustrating and super hilarious adventures.

I’ve shared these stories with other passengers and now I’m sharing them with you. Enjoy!

Man requests Uber X from Del Taco and then does this

It was around 3 in the morning. I’m working for Uber at the time and get an Uber X request to pick someone up in front of Del Taco on Tropicana and Maryland (in Las Vegas, NV).

The pickup location was over 10 minutes away so I called the passenger to make sure he wouldn’t mind waiting. He said he was fine. That he was in front of Del Taco and that he’d see me when I got there.

When I arrived, this middle aged man with dark, well worn clothes and long, black, messy hair gets in. I say hello, start the ride and ask the gentleman where he’d like to go because he hadn’t set his destination yet.

My passenger says, “I want to go through drive-thru (at Del Taco).” So, we go through the drive-thru, he orders his food, a couple of burritos I think, and once we’re done, I ask the man where he would like to go now.

The man says, “you can let me out right here. I just wanted to go through the drive-thru.” LOL. It was 3 am, inside the restaurant was closed and my passenger was hungry.

Can’t be mad at that!

P.S. – I actually thought about ordering several Uber X’s and/or Lyfts and putting them through the exact same scenario, this time on camera though.

We shall see…

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